The “65 Hearts Initiative”

Welcome to 65 Hearts website. The purpose of this site is provide guidance related to Medicare options. As an Insurance Broker, our job is to help individuals identify which Medicare plan options work best for them. Whether it be Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and so much more. As a “Community Partner”, our commitment is so much more than a “transactional agent”, working with Medicare recipients.

Through our Initiatives or “Hearts”, we lead the way by attempting to foster “Great Health” and “Great Quality of Life” through various activities. We, along with many of our Community Partners, work hard to change the landscape of the Greater Kansas City area, one initiative (or one Heart) at a time. We believe that we have a responsibility to Community beyond that of just “business as usual”. As an example of some of our “Hearts”, we have hosted Spades and Bridge tournaments, sponsored “Heart Healthy” activities like community walks, Zumba classes & 2 Step Tournaments. We also “Heart” Food Pantries, Senior Centers and activities related to homelessness.

If you have a project that you’d like us to participate in, please let us know! To the right is a contact form to let us know of any events or activities you are currently planning and would like for the “65Hearts Community” to participate in.